Sleepow is an innovative technology developed for sleep-deprived consumers searching for new solutions that promise to assist in achieving a better night’s sleep.

Numerous studies have shown that sleep deprivation and insomnia greatly increase stress levels, shorten attention spans and negatively affect our mental and physical capacities. Even worse, thousands of people lose their lives each year as a result of exhaustion when driving or operating machinery. Researchers in the fields of psychoacoustics and neurophysiology have found that relaxing music, in particular binaural beats (two tones played at slightly different frequencies in each ear), can play an important role in reducing stress levels and promoting relaxation, ultimately leading to a restful night’s sleep.

The first generation is our Sleepow Music Pillow is the world’s first memory foam pillow with a fully-integrated stereo sound machine. The visco elastic memory foam pillow with a plush outer cover completely encases the high-quality speakers and componentry inside, rendering them completely undetectable. A small, unobtrusive control panel embedded in the side features volume and mode controls, a mini-USB port for recharging and uploading of mp3 files and an audio jack for total private listening with headphones. No wires, cables or portable media players are required to enjoy Sleepow. Just press one button and quickly drift off into a deep, relaxing slumber.

  • CLIENT Sleepow
  • YEAR 2015
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